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A brief introduction to Engauge

Engauge is a unique concept created to support those who wish to develop and maintain environmental, social and economic stability in:

Engauge is a worthwile project that provides:

  • Specifically designed sustainability self-assessment tools for schools, businesses and communities
  • Unique assessments produced with advice from specialists
  • A self-help improvement support service
  • Links to a range of sustainability specialists
  • Practical guidance and case studies to demonstrate good practice
  • A direct contact point for making sustainability links through this new website

Why use Engauge?

(Based on a recent academic report on Engauge)

It is impossible to compare the Engauge project with programmes such as the international Eco-Schools programme. Engauge is a very local project which provides an alternative view to Eco-Schools but aims to deliver to a wider group of organisations that are looking for assistance with their sustainability plans.

Engauge’s online self evaluation tool coupled with the expertise provided by local specialists provides organisations with an invaluable selection of information which will enable them to proceed with improving their particular organisation’s buildings , business plans and community based initiatives.

Engauge self-evaluation procedure enables organisations to assess their financial and business development in relation to other key facets of sustainability.

Engauge overrides the fragmented approach to sustainability and when contrasted with other sustainable schools projects that have been used by local authorities. Many do not explore a selection of sustainability areas but instead focus on one at a time – again providing an arguably fragmented approach to sustainability.

What next?


Self Assessment

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    Create an account
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    Answer Questions
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    See your results
Get Started

You can do an assessment to find out how sustainable you are online.
You can then see where improvements are needed.

Download Seedpacks


Seedpacks are information resources designed to help you become  more sustainable. There is one for each Susgauge petal topic packed with information and guidance on practical action. Sign up to download


Susgauge Petals

  • Health & Well-being

    Eating well, staying safe, being healthy and happy. Read More

  • Travel & Traffic

    Encouraging people to travel sustainably. Read More

  • Building & Grounds

    Making your environment sustainable and bio-diverse. Read More

  • Energy

    Reducing energy demand and monitoring your consumption. Read More

  • Procurement & Waste

    Procurement and waste deals with the best use of the worlds resources. Read More

  • Inclusion & Participation

    Getting everyone involved and learning more so that we thrive in this world sustainably. Read More

  • Water

    Using water and managing it effectively as water demand increases. Read More

  • Business Management

    Management of the organisation or group efficiently and achieve financial sustainability. Read More

  • Heritage

    Valuing tradition and culture and keeping them alive. Read More

EdExcel Sustainability Qualification

The Sustainability Skills BTEC from EdExcl is now available. This is the
firstedexcel vocational accreditation in sustainability

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Are you a specialist? - Help others

Could YOU work in and with schools or organisations to provide just that little bit of extra help they need as a specialist?

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Volunteer with Engauge!

Could YOU work in and with schools or organisations to provide just that little bit of extra help they need as a volunteer?

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