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Online Assessment

What is the online assessment?

The Online Assessment is a self-measurement tool called the Susgauge.

The Susgauge provides you with a simple overview of your current social, environmental and economic performance in nine areas of sustainability and enables improvement and achievement to be clearly demonstrated.

The Susgauge is represented by the diagram of the Susgauge flower, with the nine areas measured as the Susgauge with petals and the stem.

These are:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Energy and Energy Management
  • Water and Water management
  • Travel and Traffic
  • Procurement and Waste management
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Inclusion and Participation
  • Heritage
  • Business Management

The Susgauge measures your achievements in all these areas, by answering questions about each of the subjects you score points. Each petal can score up to 40 points and with the inclusion of the stem (also 40 points), the Susgauge assessment provides a maximum of 360 points.

The subject areas making up the Susgauge are considered good practice for organisations , schools, businesses and communities to constantly review and improve upon.

You may need more than one person to answer all the questions. Answers can be stored and completed when you have the information. Include as many people as possible, in the assessment as you may have different perspectives on the organisation and need to achieve an alignment on this to create an effective sustainability plan. You might want to have different people completing each section with one person who checks that everything is completed.

If you need more information to answer the questions you can move to the seed pack for that particular subject where you will find some explanations of what you need to be doing to score well.

Overview Assessment

This is a compact version of the full Susgauge which will give you a quick view of how you are performing before you decide to take the full Susgauge assessment.

Susgauge Flower image

Take an overview assessment

Without registering you can take a quick and easy overview assessment to see how sustainable your organisation is.

  • 9 Questions

  • Email your results to yourself or a colleague


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